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GRACE GRAVITY MODEL GGM05 (GGM05S, GGM05G, GGM05C) ================================================== The GGM05S gravity model was estimated using approximately ten years (spanning March 2003 through May 2013) of GRACE K-band range-rate, attitude, accelerometer and GPS tracking data. No constraint ('Kaula constraint' or other gravity information) was applied in generating this solution. The only exception is that C20 has been replaced with the satellite laser ranging value determined at epoch 2008.0. The GGM05S field was estimated to degree and order 180 but should not be used beyond approximately degree and order 150 without appropriate smoothing. The GGM05G gravity model was estimated to spherical harmonic degree 240 from a combination of GRACE (based on GGM05S) with GOCE gradiometer data spanning November 2009 to the end of the GOCE mission in October 2013. Four of the six available gravity gradients were selected for use and weighted following an optimal-weighting strategy. GGM05G should not be used beyond approximately degree 210 without appropriate smoothing The GGM05C gravity model was estimated to spherical harmonic degree 360 from a combination of GRACE and GOCE gravity information (based on GGM05G) combined with the surface gravity anomalies from DTU13. There is now a single reference for the suite of GGM05 models: Ries, J., S. Bettadpur, R. Eanes, Z. Kang, U. Ko, C. McCullough, P. Nagel, N. Pie, S. Poole, T. Richter, H. Save, and B. Tapley, The Development and Evaluation of the Global Gravity Model GGM05, CSR Report CSR-16-02, Center for Space Research, The University of Texas at Austin, 2016. available at DOI: Each model is available in the CSR internal GEO file format as well as in the ICGEM format in this directory. They are also available at If you have questions or comments, please contact us at